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Takahiko Akiyama Demo Reel 1990-2008

IGI -Inter Galactic Interface-

2005 : Film”HINOKIO”/ Director, Screenplay, VFX director
The 20th International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults
Golden Butterfly Prize for Best Feature Film, Competition of Asian Cinema (Iran)

Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Award & the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry prize (Japan)

KINOTAYO Japanese Film Festival 2006 "Soleil d'Or" award of Digital Film (France)

1994 : Film "Kappa" (Cappadocia) / Visual Effects Supervisor
           Compaq Media Salon award '95 in Japan Visual Effects
1993 Sumilation Ride Film "IGI -Inter Galactic Interface-" (Fujita Vante) / Director
           Monte Carlo INA '94 Grand Prix and Gold prize
           Shown at Siggraph’94 U.S.A film show
1991 : Sumilation Ride Film "Inter Galactic Travel" (Fujita Vante) / Director
           Monte Carlo INA '92 Bronze prize
           shown at Siggraph '92 Electronic Theater
1991 : CM "TOSHIBA BS Arena" / CGI Direction
              London International AD award
1991 : CM "Sindo Richo" / CG Direction
           IBA award Korea
1990 : Astro Vision  "The Nature" / CGI Direction
(World premire of dorm style CGI composite - 70mm 10 perforation Film)
           NCCA '91 VFX award Japan
           Shown at Siggraph‘91 Siggraph Electronic Theater U.S.A
1988 : Film (8mm) "Uchyu Mushi" / Director
PFF award '88 Japan
shown at Sinjuku Mirano-za ‘88, and Eurospace ‘05)


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